Freedom from The Power of Sin

Pastor James Walton


Description:Can we really be free from the power of sin? Is will power enough?

Erasing Easter: What if Easter Never Happened?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Where would we be, what of our hope, our purpose, if Easter never happened?

Palm Sunday: What if you only had one week to live?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Even as cries of "Hosanna" filled the streets, our Lord Jesus faced the very real truth that He had one week left. What does that mean to us?

Better Together 5: Go Together and Bring

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What do four friends and a messy roof have to do with discipleship? Where does discipleship begin?

Better Together 4

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:A continuation of last week's message, Pastor Ron shares the importance of having both encouragers and disciples. To hear the update from Pastor Arlene Tatum mentioned at the end, please click on the message entitled "Rwanda Update March 2015."

Rwanda Update March 2015

Pastor Arlene Tatum


Description:Hear the latest about what International Reconciliation Ministry is doing in Rwanda and Uganda.

Better Together 3

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Who are the mentors in your life? Whether personal or historical, who influences you and helps you grow?

Better Together 2

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:Our first need after sustenance is love. It is important to both give love and to learn how to receive love. Learn about the principles of community that helps this happen.

Better Together 1: Becoming a Devoted Disciple of Jesus

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:How can we become better disciples? How can we help disciple others? And, just what does "disciple" mean?

Breaking Free 6: Victory or Defeat

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:In the final installment of our Breaking Free series, Pastor Ron talks about the love of God, and how we can find freedom in Him.

Breaking Free 5: The Joy of Freedom

Pastor Spencer Schaber


Description:Where is our joy? How do we find joy in the midst of difficult circumstances?

Breaking Free 4: Faith or Fear

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:There is so much more to Romans 8 than sound bites and cliches. Pastor Ron takes a deeper look, showing us God is calling us to a deeper faith.

Breaking Free 3: Where is Your Hope?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Where we place our hope can affect every area of our lives. Where is your hope?

Breaking Free 2: Spirit or Flesh

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Part two of our series helps us to see what compels us, what leads us. Pastor Ron shares five evidences of freedom through the Spirit.

Breaking Free 1: Grace or Guilt

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The book of Romans is central to the Christian faith. Chapter 8 begins, "There is therefore now no condemnation," and is a key chapter for our freedom in Jesus Christ.

New Year/New You - 2015

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What are your goals for the New Year? How does God's word influence those goals? Pastor Ron shares how confronting old ideas and consecrating ourselves to the Lord can bring our greatest freedom.

New Year/New You

Pastors Ron Swor and Dave Metsker


Description:Pastor Dave Metsker interviews Pastor Ron Swor in this poignant and encouraging message to close out 2014.

Cradle, Cross and Crown

Emily Fry, Ron Swor and Spencer Schaber


Description:Our Christmas Eve Candlelight message highlights the journey of Christ, and how it affects us. Beautifully spoken by three leaders, it leaves us with a new appreciation for the depth and simplicity of His impact in our lives.

A God for All People

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:No matter what you are going through, He knows what it's like. No matter what you have done, He loves you. He came for all of us.

Who Jesus Is

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Who do people say Jesus is? Who does God say He is? Most importantly, who do you say He is?

Peace on Earth

Pastor James Walton


Description:How does the reality of the birth of Christ shape our lives today?

Grace is Greater Than...(part 3)

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:In his conclusion, Pastor Ron takes a deeper look at the Grace of God, and how it affects our daily lives.

Grace is Greater Than... (part 2)

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What is the flip side of the coin of grace? What does the Lord ask of us in the economy of grace?

Grace is Greater Than...

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How can we look at the word "grace" as if we have heard it for the first time? How does religion compare with grace? How can you experience grace in your own life?

God's Will is Dangerous, But it's Good

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:Even though change can bring fear, we can embrace it, knowing His compassionate continuity remains.

How Jesus Changes Us

Pastor James Walton


Description:Do you ever feel stuck? Pastor James Walton helps us to see "How Jesus Changes People." His message out of 2 Peter shows us that God's power and our effort can work together to bring the change we have desired.

Rwanda/Uganda Update

Pastor Arlene Tatum


Description:Listen for an exciting update about what the Lord has done through International Reconciliation Ministries in Africa.

Broken to Be Whole 5: How to Live When You Feel Like Dying

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:When you are going through a time of intense brokenness or pain you need a God who is greater than your hurt. Pastor Ron continues his Broken to Be Whole series with the heartfelt message, "How to Live When You Feel Like Dying."

Broken to Be Whole 4: Samson, A Man's Weakness

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Samson was a man of great physical strength, but he also was a man of great weakness. His weaknesses and struggles are, to some degree, the same weaknesses of every man who has ever lived. Listen as Pastor Ron shares part four of his Broken to Be Whole series with a case study of the life and downfall of Samson.

Social Justice

Pastor Tim Lesher


Description:What is social justice? What does this mean to Christians? How can we express our faith in action?

Broken to Be Whole 3: Greed & Money

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. A tough truth, but one that's important for us to look at honestly. Pastor Ron brings a refreshing encouragement about our treasures, and our hearts.

Broken to Be Whole 2: Pornography

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Brokenness comes in many forms, but wholeness can be found in Jesus Christ. This week, Pastor Ron has a frank but grace-filled talk about sexual addiction and pornography.

Broken to Be Whole 1: Living Together

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Part one of the series "Broken to Be Whole" asks the question: why do people choose to live together before marriage? What does the Bible say? What do the stats say?

Heading Home

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How do we plan spiritually for our last days? What gifts has the Lord given us to help us finish well?

Follow Him!

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Baptism is an important part of our Christian walk. Pastor Ron examines why in this message.

Come Hungry!

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Who do we spend our time with? How does that affect our walk with Jesus? How do we influence the world?

Empty to be Filled

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Where does our true filling come from? What happens when we come to God already full?

Some Thoughts on Homosexuality

Pastor James Walton


Description:What does the Bible say about Homosexuality? How does the church respond in the light of current culture?

Some Thoughts on Divorce & Remarriage

Pastor James Walton


Description:What does the Bible say about divorce? And what about remarriage? What is our response as a faith community?

Sexuality and the Lordship of Christ

Pastor James Walton


Description:What does the Bible say about the Lordship of Christ in this key area? How can we honor God with our bodies?

Knowing Jesus 4: A "Jesus Guide" to Following

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What does it really mean to follow Jesus? How does He want us to follow Him?

Knowing Jesus 3: Welcome Back!

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What do we do when we lose something? What about when we are lost? Do we know who is pursuing us?

Knowing Jesus 1: Preparing

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How can we prepare our hearts for God's move in our lives? What are the foundations for knowing Him?

The Move of God

Dr. Robert Flores


Description:How can we discover the move of God in us and around us? And after discovery, how do we cooperate with that move?

Jesus is Lord: Time

Pastor James Walton


Description:What do we do with the time we've been given? Where is the balance between work and rest? How can you be a good steward of your time and energy?

Jesus is Lord: Money

Pastor James Walton


Description:We'll ask, "What does it mean to confess 'Jesus is Lord'"? and how does that affect the way we handle money? Pastor James also provides a quarterly update on the church's financial situation and an overview on how we value stewardship as an organization.NOTE: several graphs are referred to in the presented, those are included in the attached PDF below.