Living Together

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Part one of the series "Broken to Be Whole" asks the question: why do people choose to live together before marriage? What does the Bible say? What do the stats say?

Heading Home

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How do we plan spiritually for our last days? What gifts has the Lord given us to help us finish well?

Follow Him!

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Baptism is an important part of our Christian walk. Pastor Ron examines why in this message.

Come Hungry!

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Who do we spend our time with? How does that affect our walk with Jesus? How do we influence the world?

Empty to be Filled

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Where does our true filling come from? What happens when we come to God already full?

Some Thoughts on Homosexuality

Pastor James Walton


Description:What does the Bible say about Homosexuality? How does the church respond in the light of current culture?

Some Thoughts on Divorce & Remarriage

Pastor James Walton


Description:What does the Bible say about divorce? And what about remarriage? What is our response as a faith community?

Sexuality and the Lordship of Christ

Pastor James Walton


Description:What does the Bible say about the Lordship of Christ in this key area? How can we honor God with our bodies?

Knowing Jesus 4: A "Jesus Guide" to Following

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What does it really mean to follow Jesus? How does He want us to follow Him?

Knowing Jesus 3: Welcome Back!

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What do we do when we lose something? What about when we are lost? Do we know who is pursuing us?

Knowing Jesus 1: Preparing

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How can we prepare our hearts for God's move in our lives? What are the foundations for knowing Him?

The Move of God

Dr. Robert Flores


Description:How can we discover the move of God in us and around us? And after discovery, how do we cooperate with that move?

Jesus is Lord: Time

Pastor James Walton


Description:What do we do with the time we've been given? Where is the balance between work and rest? How can you be a good steward of your time and energy?

Jesus is Lord: Money

Pastor James Walton


Description:We'll ask, "What does it mean to confess 'Jesus is Lord'"? and how does that affect the way we handle money? Pastor James also provides a quarterly update on the church's financial situation and an overview on how we value stewardship as an organization.NOTE: several graphs are referred to in the presented, those are included in the attached PDF below.

Raising and Sending

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:We have always been a church focused on raising up and sending leaders to serve the Kingdom of God. This weekend, we celebrate the ministries of Pastors Ryan and Shelly Brown and Sam and Lovena Flaherty as each will be moving on to new assignments this summer.

Running from God: The Story of Jonah, Part 2

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron continues our series on Jonah

A God for Broken People

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The Resurrection changes everything, even for those who are broken. Listen as Pastor Ron explains how.

We Missed Him

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:When the crowds welcomed Jesus on Palm Sunday, who was there? Are we like any of them? Pastor Ron explains why some missed who Jesus truly was that day, and how can avoid doing the same.

Salt and Light

Annette Swor


Description:What stands in the way of us being salt and light? Annette uses Matthew 5:13-16 as a template for showing us a way forward.

Living a Dangerous Life

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Using the Blessed are Persecuted Beatitude as a starting point, Pastor Ron explores how to live outside our comfort zone in an effort to reach more for Jesus.

Blessed are the Persecuted

Pastor James Walton


Description:What did persecution look like for Jesus and His earliest followers? What does persecution look like today? And how can we prepare to remain faithful during times of persecution?

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What does a peacemaker look like and how do they make peace? Pastor Ron explores this Beatitude and offers practical wisdom.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How can we pure in heart, and how does that allow us to see God? Pastor Ron offers a few guiding principles from the Beatitudes.

Blessed are the Merciful

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What do you risk by being merciful and how does our understanding of the Gospel counteract that? Pastor Ron explores this important Beatitude.

Uncomfortable Grace

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron addresses the difference between amazement and faith, and takes some important time to honor two transitioning staff members.

Blessed are the Meek

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What is meekness and why does Jesus commend those who practice it? Pastor Ron explains how to introduce this vital characteristic into our lives through the work of Jesus Christ.

Blessed are Those Who Mourn

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How does Jesus redeem our mourning into comfort? What are the essential steps we can take to cooperate in this process? Pastor Ron explains.

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Introducing our new series, "The End of Me: Where Real Life Begins", Pastor Ron walks through the first Beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount.

A Disobedient God - Part 2

Pastor Ron


Description:Pastor Ron drills down a little deeper in the counterfeit gods we put "savior-like expectations" on.

A Disobedient God - Part 1

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What do you do with a God who doesn't meet your expectations or play by your rules? Pastor Ron explains.

Year End Family Blessing

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron shares more of his journey of this past season, explains the focus of our church for 2014, and leads us in communion and family blessing.

Reinstallation of Pastor Ron and Annette

Pastor Larry Spousta and Ron and Annette


Description:Pastor Larry Spousta join us as we celebrate the reinstallation of Pastor Ron and Annette Swor as senior pastors of New Life Foursquare Church.

The Gospel of Grace

Pastor James Walton


Description:Using John 1 as a template, we explore how Jesus is full of grace and truth and what it means for us that he's moved into the neighborhood. Also, Pastor Tim Mossholder gives an exciting announcement about Pastor Ron and Annette's return.

Maintaining Your Spiritual Health

Pastor Ryan Brown


Description:How do we create an environment where our relationship with God can flourish? Pastor Ryan Brown explains...

The Great Conspiracy

Pastor Al Carpenter


Description:Do we really believe what the Bible says? Pastor Al walks through marriage and family relationships as Scripture speaks of them.

Giving Thanks for His Witness in the World

Pastor Al Carpenter and Friends


Description:God has called us to make disciples. Hear from several of our missionaries and disciple-makers both here and around the globe and learn how you can pray, give and go in the cause.

Your Responsibility to the Church

Pastor James Walton


Description:Using four New Testament metaphors, Pastor James describes church and allows you to reach your own conclusions on how we ought to respond to her.

Reaching the Next Generation

Pastors Ryan Brown and Jeremy Wallace


Description:Ryan and Jeremy discuss the amazing things happening in Immersion Discipleship and Canby Bible College and how we can support the next generation of leaders.

Spirit Filled Living and Fellowship - Part 2

Pastor Sam Flaherty


Description:Pastor Sam allows our church to practice being the church. After a brief message on the power of community life, we break into small groups.

Spirit Filled Living and Fellowship

Pastor James Walton


Description:Let's talk about church. Who is it all about, how do function as members in the Body of Christ, and what are we doing when we gather together?

The Word and Spirit

Pastor Jeremy Wallace


Description:Our resident scholar, Dr. Jeremy Wallace explains how the two hands of the Divine Shepherd - the Word and the Spirit - combine to shape our Christian life.

The Promise of God - Part 2

Pastor Al Carpenter


Description:Are you willing and available for God to do the miraculous through you? Pastor Al examines the spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12.

The Promise of God - Part 1

Pastor Al Carpenter


Description:The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is natural step in the Christian life. Pastor Al walks through the temple motif of Scripture, explaining how we are the temple of God and how God chooses to dwell within us.

A Special Update from Larry Spousta

Pastor Larry Spousta


Description:Our Foursquare District Supervisor, Larry Spousta, joins us to give an important update on the life of our church and a beautiful word about grace and the prodigal son.

Living in Your Baptism

Pastor James Walton


Description:If you've gotten saved, what's next? Pastor James discusses how baptism is the appropriate first response to a life a faith, and how to continue walking out the reality baptism symbolizes.