Our New Giving Platform


Planning center

Canby Foursquare Church is officially moving towards using Planning Center as our new giving platform starting January 1st, 2021. Planning Center is an Online Church management software that will allow us to manage our tithes and offerings, church attendance, student and children's ministry check-ins, event registrations and much more.

With us switching over to Planning Center in January of 2021 we want everyone to be aware of the change, as it will look different as you go to give online. You will need to build a Planning Center Profile (If you do not currently already have one) to be able to keep track of your giving. The use of Planning Center and your new online profile will replace contribution statements for those giving online moving forward. We ask that everyone make a profile if they do not currently have one, even if you choose to give in person and not online. You will easily be able to access all of your tithe statements, and year end amounts online on your own personal profile through Planning Center.

We encourage you to click here to visit our new Planning Center Hub, where you can create a new profile, or login into an existing profile by simply clicking "Log In." Once you have access to your profile you can go back to home screen where you will be one click away from our new giving website. From there you can become familiar with how our new giving platforms looks. If you wish to still give in person, that is encouraged, we do still ask that you make a profile for us online so that you have a place to track you tithes and offerings.

We thank you in advance for you cooperation, willingness to change, patience, and your continued support through this transition.

If you have any questions please reach out to Lisa Hotaling.

Please feel free to watch this instructional video on how to set up your own Planning Center profile which is available to create now, and how to give online. Giving won't be available until January 1st 2021.

How to give online: