What We Value:

We are a church who values disciples making disciples of Jesus across all ages. We value families of all shapes and sizes hearing, believing, and accepting the message of the story of Jesus Christ. We value worship as a lifestyle choice and as such focus our efforts heavily in hospitality, and service. We are a church focused on transforming the whole person across their head, heart, and hands.

What Does Foursquare Mean?

What We Believe:

We believe the Bible is the written word of God which is His message given to instruct us, and teach us how we should live in a way that pleases and honors Him.

We believe God has made himself known to us in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe mankind is made equal in the image of God, because of this all mankind has dignity, value, and purpose.

We believe mankind has fallen short of His calling through disobedience, commonly known as sin, which causes separation from God.

We believe Jesus Christ was uniquely appointed by God to restore mankind who was stuck in a state of disobedience. His life and sacrificial death on the cross is what makes this possible.

We believe that mankind is unable to make up for their sins through good deeds, and moral behavior. We believe mankind is restored to a relationship with God not by what we can do, but by what Jesus did. This is known as the grace of God.

Christ has pleased God by living the life we all should have lived and dying the death we should have died because of our disobedience. God requires all of mankind to have a heartfelt transformation by trusting in Jesus, God's son and appointed savior.

We believe that trusting in Jesus produces a total life transformation, which leads us closer to living the life God has created us to live.

We believe those whom Jesus has transformed willingly join His community commonly called the church for continued growth in their faith, mutual encouragement through relationship, and service.

We believe in the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of individual christians. However, we do not participate in weird stuff, like playing with snakes.